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I am considering purchasing a IPAQ and creating a dual boot system. I
was wondering if anyone has any thoughts about running Linux on a IPAQ.
I was considering a Sharp Zaurus, but I don't feel it will give me the
flexibilty that I need. The other reason is that Zaurus is not as
popular so I figure one can get a IPAQ cheaper on Ebay....

I was also wondering what is a good model to purchase.

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What sort of "thoughts" would you like?

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I can not see the flexibility problem, really. Maybe the Zaurus is a little
bigger, but it is also technically a lot better.

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That is the problem with the Zaurus: it is more expensive.

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I don't have any specific comments, but I just used google
( ) to look up
ipaq linux
and got 13,300 hits. Way too much for most folks to wade through, but
you can probably find a better search string for you needs pretty

I have not paid much attention, but I think dual boot is unlikely.

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Opie, Qtopia, GPE, Pixil, Debian...
A lot of solutions to run Linux on most (old?) iPaq. Btw, nothing as good as
Pocket PC if you just want to use your iPaq like a PDA. I mean if you want
to sync with Windows Applications or use the PDA as a first computer (if
you don't have unix knowledge) you will be in trouble.

Linux is ready to be a good embedded OS but nobody has done a good and easy
to use user interface so far. And when you try to convince people or ask
for help to design one, a few big bad-tempered doorkeepers come to you and
start "big trolling attacks"!

Welcome to the 21th century.

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