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I got my fingers burned with the Yopy.  It's a fantastic device, but
Gmate have gone away, and they never finished the application code.  I
just can't rely on it unfortunately.  I'd almost decided to buy a
lifedrive or an Ipaq h6340.

Now I am tempted by because it will
run normal linux code.  OK, you will have to cross-compile, but it's
all standard stuff (qtopia, no less) and the kits are available.  ANd
look - it can be a USB host as well as a device!  Everything I want...

But what if the apps are as dodgy as the Yopy?  Has anyone got one of
these?  Does it work?  What are the delights or the gotchas?

Re: Linux hand-held

I would recommend to try a Sharp Zaurus. Has a really useable keyboard
and the C3000 has 4GBytes of harddisk. And plenty of software modules

-- hns

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Well, if you really insist, get the Zaurus SL-C3100 instead.

\|/ @u(==-

Re: Linux hand-held

Depends mainly on design preference. The C3100 is not being sold before
this week and is *black*. The C3000 is *white*.

The other difference is that the C3100 has more internal flash memory
(making it a little faster since it has to access the disk less often).

-- hns

Re: Linux hand-held wrote:
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A nice software index with tons of Zaurus apps is: /

Also, the Zaurus User Group and Open Embedded Software Forums are, no doubt,
quite useful: / /

Good luck!

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