LF: Wireless PCMCIA card for HP Jornada 680

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Looking for a Wireless PCMCIA card for HP Jornada 680.
I have several collectors gizmo items for trade, like a Sharp PC-1350
(Pocket Computer), Sharp PC-1260 (Pocket Computer), Sharp PC-1246S
(Pocket Computer), Sharp PC-4600 (not working PC-XT), Texas TI
Programmable 57 LED (Pocket Calculator), Texas TI-30 LED (Pocket
Calculator), Palm Pilot Personal (w/ 1MB RAM) (PDA), Canon Card LC-31
(Pocket Calculator), Canon LD-81 (Pocket Calculator), Philips SBC 1704
(Pocket Calculator), Citizen 850SR (Pocket Calculator), Kovac Pocket
Memory P-81B (Pocket Calculator), Targus PA820 Stowaway Keyboard (For
some HP Jornada PocketPC's), Info Dialer (very early PDA).

Please reply to rammedige@_GIZMO_yahoo.dk    <- remove '_GIZMO_' before

Best regards!
Johnny Bjoern Rasmussen

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