IPAQ went DEAD !!!

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HELP...my IPAQ 1940...just gave a little chime sound, then when i looked at
it...the screen was black...and now it's DEAD !

Tried rebooting it...but no go...WHAT to do ?????


Re: IPAQ went DEAD !!!

On Wed, 28 Mar 2007 19:51:39 +1000, "Hi-Soft"

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Do you want a replacement? Do you want to try to get yours working? Do
you want to recover files?

I just used google (http://groups.google.com/advanced_group_search ) to
look up
dead ipaq 1940
and got 28 hits. I took a quick look and could see at least a few that
looked relevant and had multiple replies; I didn't check whether they
might actually be useful. If nothing else, you'll get hints for a more
relevant newsgroup.

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Re: IPAQ went DEAD !!!

yeah...thanks for...I did have a quick google...but it was mainly links to
forums...and then there was a lot of just general chit chat...so I thought
I'd try the direct approach in here... I'll have another look through

I think...from reading a few forum posts though... it could just be I need a
new battery ( hope so )..

The data recovery isn't that urgent...since it was just syncing to my
desktop PC...so everything is still on that... apart from a few ipaq
settings etc..

Looks like batteries are only around $20...but was hoping to find one
locally in a store that i could buy sooner that waiting for delivery...

Trying to find a simple answer like where a parts store is..on the HP
site... is more challenging than one would think...



Brian Canham
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