iPAQ Stowaway Portable Keyboard wont fit!?

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So I bought a "Compaq iPAQ Stowaway Portable Keyboard" (photo:
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v493/ddrguy/lj/ipaqkb.jpg) off ebay,
thinking I could use it with my iPaq h5500. The connector on the
keyboard looks very much like the socket on my PPC. However it
physically just wont fit. I assume this keyboard is for a different
flavor of ipaq? This is confusing. If it says "ipaq keyboard" and I
have an ipaq, I assume it would fit. Anyway, is there some sort of
adapter I might find that could make it fit, or should I just resell
the keyboard back to ebay? TIA!

Re: iPAQ Stowaway Portable Keyboard wont fit!?

G'day yerk5

I bought the same model keyboard hoping to use it on my HX4700 after
emailing the seller who said it was compatible. Guess what??  If you
find an adaptor can you post back here because I'd like to find one
too......been doing a search without success to date.  If you go to
www.hp.com you can find the correct model keyboard for your 5500 but
that doesn't help much now, does it!  I've been watching eBay since
buying my keyboard and there seems to be heaps of this model keyboard
being listed, makes me wonder if they are trying to offload superseded

I think you'll find the keyboard fits H3100, H3600, H3700 and now H3800
and H3900 with an adaptor.

Not much help but hopefully this post will get a reply from someone who
knows where/if we can get an adaptor.


PS....as a 'bonus' my eBay purchase included a mini keyboard but it
won't fit my iPaq either, it's labelled for H3800 and H3900 too.  Anyone

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