Ipaq 2215 owners - question !

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I've had a 3670 unit for a few years now, always using it with a
WriteRight protector. There's very little difference in display
quality with and without protector (screen is a bit "softer" with it).

Recently, I've had so many hardware problems with this unit, that I
decided to try a 1945. The screen looked wonderful until I put the
screen protector on it - then it showed a lot of "grain", like tiny
dark dots arranged in chessboard order. It seemed that this "grain"
was part of the screen protector that got somehow amplified by the
backlight. It never looked that bad on 3670. Luckily, I was able to
return the new 1945.

I wonder if the 2215 units have the same problem ? The screens of them
are by a different manufacturer, or so I heard. Would appreciate if
owners of the 2215 would share their experience with these units, what
sort of screen protectors they're using, and the overall experience
with 2215's quality and speed.



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