Intermec 700c: Restore data after cold boot

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I'm using an Intermec 700c and am wondering if there is any way to execute
a reg (or cab) file after a cold boot?
(for example if you place such a file in the application dir on a symbol it
wil be executed once after cold boot)

besides that, is it posible to make an cab file readonly so it won't be
removed after executed?

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Re: Intermec 700c: Restore data after cold boot

On Mon, 21 Mar 2005 20:39:26 GMT, "Thony via"

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Cold reboot removes _all_ files in normal application directories, so
nothing would be around to execute. Several versions of Windows CE
(Pocket PC 2002 and Pocket PC 2003 at least) support an autorun
facility. For more info, use google
( ) to look up
in microsoft.public.pocketpc.developer

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Sure, make it read-only on your "desktop" (other end of the ActiveSync
connection) and _then_ copy it over.

This topic is discussed every couple of weeks, so google _will_ help
you find more info. Unfortunately, the questions can be asked in many
ways so finding a good search string is challenging. I can't think of
a good one offhand, but the search for autorun is close.

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