"Intercepting" picture sent to wireless projector, with Palm handheld?

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There's situation where we have Laptop with wireless network card from
which we send "screen" to the wireless projector and projecting it on
the "B.I.G. screen".

Considering the fact that I don't have a clue how even that connection
works and is there any special software needed to comunicate with wifi
projector, I was wondering, is there any way to "capture" that same
signal that laptop emmites, and, therefore, grab the same picture on
the (WiFi featured)PDA for further "screenshoting"... or recording...or

Re: "Intercepting" picture sent to wireless projector, with Palm handheld?

If the network card in the laptop is a standard one, i.e. 802.11, then
you will need something similar for your Palm. The Palm wifi card uses
the 802.11 protocols, as does the LifeDrive and TX.

In theory, the hardware is not the issue. As for intercepting the
network traffic, you are getting into more difficult territory. I'm no
expert by any means, but if the wireless network is encrypted, either
by WEP or WPA, then unless you know the passkey, forget it (and the
Palm wifi card doesn't support WPA anyway). An unencrypted "open"
network makes things simpler.

I'm assuming that the laptop sends the data to the projector by knowing
its IP address. If you could "spoof" your address, then you might get
it to send the data to you... but intercepting without interrupting?
Beyond my level of expertise. If you have legitimate cause to see this
information, i.e. aren't trying to steal it secretly, then I'd just get
hold of the Powerpoint presentation or whatever and view it on the
PalmPilot separately, using DTG or somesuch...

If I'm barking up the wrong tree and the projector/laptop are
communicating using Bluetooth, then it might be possible, but probably
not worth it unless you are James Bond

Re: "Intercepting" picture sent to wireless projector, with Palm handheld?

So that's the way it is...

Well, use of such a thing is preety simple and harmless - the same
setup is located at my collage... there is big WiFi projector on the
top of the classroom... when instructor comes, ne opens his laptop...
"connects" it to the projector and opens presentation...

Now, as there are held many different presentations by different
instructors, I asume there's no high-uber-protection involved in
connection... but, as I said - have to check it forst.

And purpose itself for such thing as intercepting his slides on my Palm
is simply practical - he often uses his own slides that we do not have
and sometimes there is some interesting slide that I would like to
capture and save for later... no no hidden James Bond intentions ;)

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