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Hi all
just bought a used Toshiba 330 ppc. i have most of the things that i bought
it for up and running. i only have two remaining thing to do with it and I
need some help:

1) i would like to connect to the internet with it and wifi if possible

2)I would like to play mp3 files but i do not know what kind of memory card
to use

can somebody point me to a website with this information or woud have some
experience in using this pda with the internet? any help will be appreciated


9/11/2007 8:03:08 AM
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Re: information on Toshiba 330 ppc

This newsgroup is primarily for generic questions. Questions about
Pocket PCs like yours are more likely to get specific questions if
asked in a newsgroup for Pocket PPCs. I recommend
microsoft.public.pocketpc. More below (in line)

On Mon, 28 Jan 2008 14:36:07 -0600, "Headley  Sappleton"

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Not clear. You can certainly connect via ActiveSync, but that is
probably not what you want. Toshiba sold a Bluetooth adapter that
could be used for Ethernet (Internet) connections. The MobileTech
review (see below) says the SD Card slot supports SDIO, but not WiFi;
that suggests an SDIO Ethernet card will work, and maybe even an SDIO
WiFi card made after the review.

I used google ( ) to look
toshiba e330 ethernet
and got 9 hits. I took a quick look and am not encouraged.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Any SD Card (Secure Digital Card) should work, but it will probably
only "see" 2 GB.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I used google ( to look up
toshiba e330 review
and got 38,100 hits (note: using e330 rather than 330 helped greatly).
I took a quick look and found the following:

Chris De Herrera's web site is usually a great source. I went there,
looked up
toshiba e330
and got several hits, including

The Pocket PC 2002 comparison at DeHerrera's site doesn't include the
e330. It does include the slower e310:

I also used google to look up
toshiba e330 specifications
and got 8,990 hits, including

Quoted text here. Click to load it

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