Info Request: Developing peripheral for SD slot

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Hi C.S.H.

I'm considering developing a peripheral unit for SD slots on
handhelds, but I'm stuck trying to find a manufacturer/developer for
something like this.

It's a shot in the dark, but maybe one of the PDA experts here has
some suggestions?


Re: Info Request: Developing peripheral for SD slot

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I'm in the minority here, so please forgive my brief trip up to the
soapbox... I would prefer it if you didn't develop any application or
peripheral that used the Secure Digital slot. I find the entire SD
specification to be frightening and counter to the spirit of advancing
technology. Yes, DRM is an emerging technology and people should protect
their intellectual property, but I draw the line at the kind of tracking
and logging that goes into the SD standard. It's like buying a leather
coat that keeps track of when I'm wearing it and for how long, and then
disintegrates if somebody else wants to wear it or borrow it.

I vote with my wallet, and I won't buy any device that has an SD slot. At
best, I'll go for devices that have a non forward-compatible MMC slot
(like some cameras or multi-function phones) but I refuse to put any money
into the proliferation of the SD technology. I'd really prefer it if you
decided to go the compact flash route, which has the advantage of being
better documented and backward-compatible with PCMCIA.

Again, just my opinion. Yours may differ as befits a diverse and free-
thinking society.

-KKC, waiting for the day when only signed media can be played on home
video machines. Who gets to decide what companies can and cannot release a
movie or a TV show?
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Re: Info Request: Developing peripheral for SD slot

Kendrick Kerwin Chua wrote:

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Well spoken!

\|/ @u(==-

Re: Info Request: Developing peripheral for SD slot

Thanks for all that info. I suppose my first question should have
If I were to develop a peripheral for a PDA, what would be the best
received format (insert sound = can of worms.wav)?

Maybe the idea I have isn't even possible, but here's the general
-The peripheral would store its program and can store user input on
the actual peripheral (software doesn't need to be installed on the
actual PDA).
-The peripheral would need to draw power from the PDA
-The peripheral would need to be compatible with newer PDAs (withing
the past two years or so)

I really don't even know where to start looking for a company that can
develop the software, much less the actual device.

Thanks for any additional input.


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