hpjornada 720 help, please

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ok, i'm at the end of my rope.  i've tried to install a bunch of
software on my jordana 720.  when i try to execute the program, i get
an error message that sais "cannot find xxx or one of its components".
hp tech support tells me that i should make sure i'm d/l'ing the
correct version of the software.  i've ensured that i have gotten the
right version, in fact, i've gotten multiple versions to ensure that
one of them will work. but i keep getting this error message again &
again.  there's got to be something else wrong, other than software
version.  anyone else having this problem on their 720?  can anyone
help me solve this problem, other than dumping the 720 and going back
to a palm o.s. device.  Any help would be appreciated.  TIA.

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