HP Jornada 728 - GPS Application Needed!!!

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Hi all,

I've had my 728 now for a couple years and I really haven't used it
much.  With all the Pocket PC GPS apps and units out, I think I would
like to try to get the 728 working with a GPS.  I quickly discovered
however, that there is not very much out there for the 728.  Teletype
tells me that I need to get older software, as their new versions do
not support the older processor.  I did purchase a Teletype GPS PCMCIA
card already (doh!) so I'd like to stick with something compatible.

Ok, hit me straight...

1.  Is it worth it getting the 728 rigged up for navigation (aviation
and other)?  If not see 4.
2.  If so, what software works?  Full screen would be nice.
Suggestions of what worked for others would be great.
3.  If possible can I buy an older version of Teletype software for
the Handheld from someone?  Or any other software that might work with
a moving map.
4.  Lastly, any other recommendations regarding what I should get to
replace the 728.  I'd like to maintain the functionality of the 728
(mini-PC like) and add the versatility of GPS mapping.

I really like the 728.  Its reliable and portable enough and its
outlasted 4 Palms for me anyway.  Since its my "home" unit it doesn't
see all the effort so I guess that's why.  But I'd like to think its
just a well made device.



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