HP Jornada 720 - Error 678 on sync attempt..

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When I connect as per user manual instructions, the 720 goes through
all 6 tries w/ no luck.  When I follow the 3rd set of instructions at
the hp
troubleshootong website ActiveSync 3.8.0 pops up on my PC and I get the
Device connected
msg on the 720.  Then PC says "Connecting", then says "Not Connected".
this point the 720 hangs and needs a reset.

I seem to get them to try, but then they fail to connect.  I also have
a hp2215 PocketPC, and ActiveSync already has a relationship
established with
it and that works fine.  I have tried a fresh USB cable with no joy. I
have the newer Pocket PC physically disconnected during these attempts.

Any ideas?

Jim H.

Re: HP Jornada 720 - Error 678 on sync attempt..

Hi, I has the same problem-but what worked for me was--that I first
went to my jornada settings---made sure my connections was on usb
cable---then i click on the activesync on my desktop at the same time I
click on my jornada pc link and they connected --(make sure your
setting  on the jornada is for whatever cable or infared connection
your using) if you are using your serial cable set your jornada to
serial and baud of your com port) -be patient the more you the more it
hangs-wait it out!!
hanakj@gmail.com wrote:

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Re: HP Jornada 720 - Error 678 on sync attempt..

No luck.  I've tried resetting the 720 as I hit connect on the PC,
checked the settings on the pc side of activesync, a new usb cable,
deleting partnerships, I am beginning to think i have a bad cradle.

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