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A need to cleanup my HP Jornada touch screen led me to use an alcohol
based liquid to wipe the screen. However, some liquid magically seems
to have entered inside the screen and it no longer responds to my
stylus. Are there any solutions to this problem?
Thanks, Trevor.

Re: HP Jornada 560 touchscreen

Trevor L. wrote:
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I clean 'em all the time with alcohol.  Never had a problem.
The other stuff in the mix is probably a worse problem.
If you can see the liquid in there, you're probably hozed.
Even if the alcohol evaporates, whatever's left will be a problem.

I once tried to fix a touch screen conductor with conductive paint.
Capillary action sucked the silver paint all the way to the center of
the screen.  Game over!  But I was inside the case messing around with
the touchscreen where the glass contacts the plastic.

Put it in a warm place and hope it dries out.  I wouldn't turn it on.
Anywhere you have electricity and an electrolyte, you're gonna get
undesired reactions.

If you have access to a vacuum chamber, that might help speed the
process...but might adversely affect something else.

Return address is VALID!

Re: HP Jornada 560 touchscreen

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ok thank you
i tried heating the screen up with the exhaust from my laptop (pretty
warm) and it seems to have made the blob larger, but the good news is
it looks like its getting smaller. I just hope I can still use it
after its all gone, I dont think ill mind if it leaves behind a weird
shadow, just as long as I can get past the 'Align Stylus' screen and
get my work done

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