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Someone has give me a HP Jornada 520 pocket PC to play with.  All I
have is the device and a power cable but he tells me that the sync
cable will be coming as soon as he can find it but i dont have any
manuals or anything.

For now I have figured out how to sync it via infra red on my laptop
so at least i have some way of getting software to it - the problem is
what software can I use.

I realise that this is an old device but surely some people out there
still use them.  Finding software to run on it seems to be non-trivial
due to the large number of hardware/software configurations there seem
to be on pocket PC.  I certainly didn't have this much trouble getting
lots of nice software for an aging palm m105.

So - what I can find out about this device is that it has
16mb RAM
Running windows CE 3.0
processor is a Shx SH3 running at 133Mhz (I think)

Stuff I would like to be able to do with it include
play games
code in c++ / java
emulate early computers such as spectrum, commodore, apple II
read ebooks

Does anyone know of any repositories of sofware that will be old-ppc


Re: HP Jornada 520

Ebay would be the best place for look for these softwares,
I also got a JOrnada 520 series, but NO CD, Friend lost the CD, and I
am looking for a CD for Sync?

Mike wrote:
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Re: HP Jornada 520

Send me an email "off line" sbods@hotmail.com
I have a disk

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