HP Jornada?

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I am seriously thinking about getting either the 720 or 728.   I would
appreciate any feedback on whether these machines are worthwhile and if
the 728 is that much of an improvement over the 720.

I should mention that I also own two Palm Tungsten C with which I am
quite happy.
Many thanks

Re: HP Jornada?

Mahlon Wagner wrote:
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Depends on what you want to do with it.
As for the difference between the two, I can tell you the 728 is not a
bit faster than the 720 - the extra memory has zero effect on processor

My opinions:
Still pocketable but just barely. Relatively heavy.
Good, responsive, typeable keyboard, still pretty small.
Excellent screen but difficult to see in sunlight.
Small screen territory for surfing - also pretty slow and erratic on
the net.
Requires frequent soft resets as it slows down to a crawl.
Limited pocket versions of Word, Excel and Access (the latter stinks).
Contacts feature pathetically slow if you have a bunch of contacts.
Very good PC sync software if you have Windows XP - you may have
trouble with older versions.
Good battery life - expect three or four hours from an average battery.
Excellent accessories: external battery charger (highly recommended
with a second battery), full-sized external keyboard (scarce). The high
capacity battery adds too much bulk and weight.

Beware of used machines. Watch for:
Severe screen fading and poor contrast (all these machines eventually
show it).
Erratic touch screen requiring frequent re-calibration.
Bad, loose hinges.
Bad modem, non-functioning CF card slots.
Practically anything else that can go wrong with these delicate

The 720s are getting pretty old now and are more likely to show
defects. The 728s are more recent but scarcer and more expensive.

My two cents.

Re: HP Jornada?

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On Sun, Aug 13, 2006 at 05:50:19AM -0700, Bob G wrote:
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I consider my J720 to be more of a mini-PC rather than a PDA and think
that its size and weight suits it well.

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The keyboard is the primary reason I purchased it. I type nearly as fast
on the Jornada keyboard as I do on a regular-sized one.

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I run Linux on my Jornada and tend to use text browsers more often than
graphical ones. As such, I have no problem with the screen size.

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Haven't noticed any of this, but I don't run WinCE.

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I've gotten at very least 6 hours out of the standard battery while
under Linux, which has significantly poorer power management than WinCE.

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The first J720 I purchased had an excellent screen with almost no sign
of wear whatsoever. The second I purchased (first one got dropped and
was partially broken) had a significantly poorer screen, but it appeared
to be a different screen altogether. I've since removed that screen and
am now using the one I had on my old J720.

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I use the keyboard almost exclusively, but the touch screen usually seems
to be accurate when I go to use it.

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The defect my dropped Jornada suffered from was a non-functioning
PCMCIA slot. But, hey.. I dropped it!

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I suppose only time will tell, but I haven't had much problem with mine.

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I suggest you inquire about the condition (specifically the screen &
CF/PCMCIA slots) prior to purchasing.=20

For what it's worth, I've read and made this post on my Jornada. :-)

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