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I recently bought a secondhand HP Jordana 720
It only has a small number of programs on it, and I
have tried to find websites with programs (preferabay
freeware!) to run on this (e.g. yahoo, google), but so far,
I have not had any success. In fact I can find no sites
dealing specifically with the HP Jordana model.

If anyone knows of such websites, I would be very
grateful for the urls.



Re: HP Jordana 720

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You won't find anything if you're using the spelling above for your search
criteria. Try using "Jornada" instead of "Jordana" and see if you get a
better search result set.

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Re: HP Jordana 720

On Sun, 04 Nov 2007 14:24:41 -0600, Kendrick Kerwin Chua

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Ooops! Sorry. That might explain it. Cheers!

Re: HP Jordana 720

Here you go:
http://www.hpcfactor.com /

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Re: HP Jordana 720

...and for software have a look at these pages:
http://www.yetanotherhomepage.com/j7xx /
Kind regards,

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