HP ipaq 4705 charging connector

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Ok, now for a stupid question...

I've upgraded from 6835 ipaq to a 4705.  Still have a charger for the old
unit that I used to use at work.

The connectors look to be identical, but before I blow up a brand new
unit.... Are they?  Anyone know for sure?

Eyballing them, they seem the same design....



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Re: HP ipaq 4705 charging connector

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I _think_ you have two chargers (one old and one new), so you can
compare side-by-side. Then you can check the part numbers listed on
each transformer. If those don't match, you should look for the specs
on each transformer. You should see output voltage, output amps, and a
diagram that indicates polarity (which part is negative and which is
positive). If those match and the connectors seem to fit physically,
you should be fine.

An alternate approach is to spend some time at the HP/Compaq web site.
Look up the part number for the power supply for each iPAQ. Same part
number means you're all set.

And a third method. A company called iGo makes universal power
supplies, and interchangeable tips. So you can go to their site
(www.igo.com) and find the tip for each of your iPAQs. If they use the
same tip, the power supplies you have should be fine. Unfortunately, I
just tried this method, but could not find a tip for either model. You
have more motivation than I, so I suggest trying anyway.

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