How to remove or reset Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 password easily when you forgot I

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How to remove or reset Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 password easily when you
forgot or lost it.

It is truly very often for us to meet the password login problem,
sometimes we would forgot windows password or lost system admin password,
and could not login windows system and make a big trouble. At this time,
you would hope to find a simple solution to remove or recover the
forgotten password. Actually, a lot of methods are available to reset
Windows admin password, but most of them are designed for PC experts, not
for common PC users. They are too complicated to get it work for us. So in
this article, I will show you professional software which could help you
to reset forgotten windows 7/XP/Vista/2000 password easily, even for

Super Windows Password Reset is powerful password recovery software to
reset Windows admin passwords for you to login Windows OS without
reinstalling the OS when you forgot windows password or lost windows
password. It could remove windows password and reset the password to
blank. Just boot from the program with burned CD/DVD or USB flash disc,
choose the account you wish to reset and all will be done instantly. It is
not a method to crack or bypass windows password, just remove or delete
windows password and set it to blank so you could login windows to set new
password. Below is a simple guide of how to reset windows password with
this software, only 3 steps are needed to reset windows 7/Vista/XP

Step 1: Free download the setup file of Super Windows Password Reset on
the official website:
And install it on your another PC. Then startup the password recovery
software you could see the main UI:

Step 2: Burn the windows password recovery bootable CD/DVD or USB disc
with the software:
Now, you may select “Burn DVD/CD Disc” or “Use USB Disc”. If you select
first method, you need to have a blank CDR/DVDR disk, a COMBO or DVDRW
drive on the PC. If you select to use USB disc, you just need to pay
attention: This USB devices would be formatted, so you must make sure to
back up all the data before use it. And the maximum capacity of the USB
devices cannot exceed 2G.
Tips: We recommend you to use the DVD/CD method to do the windows password
reset, because some computers may not support USB start-up.

Below is step by step to show you how to burn the CD/DVD
1.  Launch Super Windows Password Reset main window, Click “Burn DVD/CD
Disc” button.
2.  In BurnCC’s main window, click “Browse” button and in the open window,
locate the file “TWPR.iso” on your desktop, select it and click on Open to
get back to the main window. Then, click “Start” button.

3 Your DVD drive should open and insert a blank CD-R or DVD-R disc into
the drive and close it. Click “OK” button. Your CD will be burned in a few
Tips: if there is already a CD/DVD disc in the drive before run the
software, the CD drive will open automatically . Please close it again.
The process will be continuing.

Below is step by step to show you how to burn a bootable USB disc
1.  Insert a USB drive into a USB slot on your computer and run Super
Windows Password Reset, Click “Use USB Disc” button.
2. Click“Step1”button. Then, Right-click on the usb_format.exe and choose
“Run as Administrator”.
3.  In USB Disk Storage Format window, set the file system to FAT, Check
the Quick Format box, check the Create DOS Bootable Disk, Browse to the
DOS_files folder on your Desktop, click OK & then Start.

4. Click OK on the following window and then close the USB format tool.
Your USB drive now is formatted.

5. Click “Step2” button and open the USB drive with your computer. Then,
copy the files from the USB_files folder and paste them directly to the
USB drives main directory. 2 of the files may become hidden and you will
not see them on the USB drive. This is okay. Your USB drive is now

Step 3: Boot your PC with the burned CD/DVD or USB disc to reset windows
First you need to insert the burned CD/DVD or USB flash disk into the DVD
drive or USB port of the PC you want to reset its password.
Tips: If your computer still boots from hard drive Windows OS, it's
necessary for you to change your COMS or BIOS settings to make it boot
from CD/DVD or USB drive. If you don’t know how to set it, you may visit
the official website: or contact your
computer manufacture.

After the computer boots from CD/DVD or USB drive, you will see below
1. The program will ask you to select the Windows OS hard drive volume ID.
Enter the ID number of the hard drive volume where Windows OS is installed.

2. The program would list all the user names of Windows and asks you which
account password is to be removed. Enter the ID number for the User Name.

3. The program asks to confirm weather to remove the password or not.
Enter "y" (yes) to confirm your action and "n" (no) to deny the action and
hit "Enter".

4 Then you need to input your license code and enter.

5. The program asks whether to continue to remove passwords for other
accounts. Enter "y" to continue and "n" to finish. Eject your USB from
your computer first and press any key to restart the computer from
Windows. Now you can log in Windows with an empty password (with no
password.), just click “Enter” when you login.

Now we have complete the process of reset Windows password, you could see
that it is not difficult at all, and it could support all the Windows OS
family, including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 2000/2003 and new Windows 7.
If you have any questions of the procedure and the settings, you may visit
the Password Recovery Studio homepage:
or send email to

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