How To Enable SmartProtec Security Feature Of Handhelds [tech tip]

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SmartProtec is a free security feature for handhelds and other mobile
devices that helps protect devices and data against loss and theft.
You can instantly enable the security feature.

Mobile devices are one of the most commonly lost and stolen items
today. Lost and stolen items are not recovered mainly because owners
can not be contacted. When your item such as PDA, laptop and cell
phone is lost or stolen, SmartProtec allows the police or the finder
to contact you immediately through the serial number of your item
without disclosing your personal information.

In addition, SmartProtec protects your items and data with
multi-layers of protection, which are theft deterrence, reinforced
legal protection and recovery service.

SmartProtec is an effective deterrent to theft of your items.
According to the police, making (the ownership of) items identifiable
is proven effective in theft deterrence and is strongly recommended.
SmartProtec makes your item identifiable instantly and globally (by
allowing anyone including the police and buyers with the serial number
to check if it is a stolen item while your identity remains

SmartProtec reinforces the legal protection of your items. Although
your item is lost or stolen, your item may not legally be possessed,
sold or disposed of by others without contacting you and obtaining
your permission.
SmartProtec comes with a recovery service that helps the return of
your lost or stolen item quickly and safely. After locating your
missing item, it is delivered to you upon request.

For more information about SmartProtec, visit:

When you activate SmartProtec with the serial number of your device,
it immediately acts as a security feature of your device. Activated in
seconds. SmartProtec is free.

To activate SmartProtec, visit:

Note you can optionally substitute 000 with the actual serial number
of your item. RFID can be used instead of serial number.

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