Help with XDAII e-mails stuck on Pocket PC

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I have quite a number of e-mail messages on my PDA that I cannot get
rid of, about 20 in total. When I carry out an active sync my mailbox
shows 5 unresolved items but when I look at my e-mail accounts on the
PDA there are four times that number spread across all three accounts
and in various folders. These messages are not in my e-mails on the PC
(in Outlook). Can anybody tell me where they reside on the PDA so I
can delete them or is there another method to clear them from the PDA.
When I select them on the PDA I can not do anything with them, they
can't be deleted, moved, opened or accessed in any way that I know of.
I have tried soft and hard resets, even taking the battery out for a
couple of hours. This really has me baffled and is very annoying.
John Richards

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