Help pls: selecting handheld fordeaf communication

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I've been asked to help an old and not-so-technical relative buy a
Blackberry or the equivalent, mainly for text messaging and/or e-mail
with deaf family members. (He is hearing, and an integrated cell phone
might make sense.) Though computer-literate, I don't own one of these,
and would appreciate a few thoughts before talking to salesmen.

Key attributes are: easy to use, easy to read, and easy to enter data
for very old eyes, fingers and habits. (He can just about work AOL.) Is
there a system with minimal features, uncomplicated operation and easy
recovery in the event of error?

Thanks very much-


Re: Help pls: selecting handheld fordeaf communication

On Mon, 05 Mar 2007 12:18:08 GMT, reply w/o spam

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Old eyes will want a larger screen. Old fingers and habits suggest
something resembling a real keyboard, rather than the "thumb boards"
on Blackberries and similar. But large screen and "real" keyboard
increase bulk.

He might want to consider an external, folding keyboard (e.g., ). And if he gets one of
those, then he could save a bit of bulk by getting a handheld with no
built-in keyboard (e.g. Pocket PC), or just a keypad for dialing. HTC
makes many of the devices sold by other companies, so this link
( /) will provide a good sample.

If the prices on the examples I gave caused sticker shock, look around
some more. I'm not on top of the market, but am pretty sure less
expensive devices are available. Especially if you are willing to go
with used and/or older devices. And devices with Windows Mobile 6 are
just hitting the market, so prices on devices with older software are
likely to drop.

Small laptops can be very small. But the price increases as the size
decreases. UMPCs ( ) are at
the small end. The HTC Advantage (see link above) looks similar to a
UMPC, but runs a version of Windows CE, not "big" Windows.

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Re: Help pls: selecting handheld fordeaf communication

On Mar 5, 6:48 pm, wrote:
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Suggest you try something like a Nokia 93xx or 95xx mobile phone, it
fits in the pocket, has a full keyboard & can use SMS & e-mail. My
wife who is deaf & in her 60s has been using a 9300 for a couple of
years & she won't go anywhere without it.

Word of warning, your mobile phone bill can increase significantly if
they like it like my wife does.


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