Help... Bluetooth version confusion

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I recently bought a generic Bluetooth USB adapter, which the salesman
explicitly said was version 2.0.  After I installed it to my home
computer, this is what my Bluetooth software reported:


Manufacturer:   Integrated System Solution Corp.
HCI Version:   1.2
HCI Revision:   1FE
LMP Version:   1.2
LMP Sub Version:   1FE

A quick check on Windows XP --> System ---> Device Manager shows a
series of recently-installed "Bluetooth Serial Ports", and the drivers
are all version

Unfortunately, I'm not technically-minded enough to know for certain
what, if anything, all of that means.  Are the above data conclusive
evidence that I have the older v1.2 version, or v2.0?  If not, is
there any way to figure out exactly which version of Bluetooth I have?

I'd appreciate any help.

Re: Help... Bluetooth version confusion

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AFAIAA, the only signifcant difference is the data rate, Bluetooth 2.0
supporting up to 3 mbps (Bluetooth 1.x was up to around 720 kbps).  Does the
documentation state what the data rate is?

Bluetooth 2.1 is due out shortly (and indeed may be out) and has many
enhancements over bluetooth 2.0.  The statement that I saw claimed
compatibility with Bluetooth 1.1, but made no mention of Bluetooth 1.2 (the
latest of the 1.x line) or 2.0.

Re: Help... Bluetooth version confusion

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I should also have mentioned that AFAICT, Bluetooth 2.2 is in the pipeline
and 3.0 is on its heels.

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