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[Long story,  converted to short] - I acquired a IPAQ 3650
in mid-October..  The battery was dead,  but using my serial cradle
I loaded "Familiar" on it.    I thought,  "whoa,  this rocks"..  So,
a bit later I ordered a new battery (and a dual PCMCIA jacket for it).
With Familiar loaded,  I thought I would be on my way!  What fun!

        Then,  around Nov. 23rd (or so?),  I noticed that
http://www.handhelds.org was down.   No big deal.  I know how life
goes as a admin.   "Stuff" happens...  I'll wait..  A week..  then
two..  now,  it's December 6th..   I've read......


        ..   And thought,  "fine..  a couple more days"....   I'm
now completely sick of this.  Why isn't this mirrored?  The _only_
thing that I could find that was mirrored was the base "Familiar"
applications.   Thank god,  because at least the IPAQ 3650 isn't
a complete "brick".   Why isn't "OPIE" (in my case) not mirrored
else where?   I'm tired of waiting...

        Yes - I understand hardware failure/moving to a new provider
problems...  I happen to run projects that are probably more
intense than any web server application handhelds.org runs..
If it's something I care about,  _two or three_ days _downtime_
kills me - and I'm only speaking of the _hobby_ projects I run!
Just for example,   http://deathrow.vistech.net (Yes - I'm also
a OpenVMS nut....)...  or http://www.telephreak.org (ok,  shameless
        I don't mean this to be a insult toward the Familiar/
OPIE/GPE(?) guys.  It really has nothing to do with the embedded
Linux applications/OS's they've done.   From the bit that I've
seen,  it simply rocks.... I'm just not happy with Compaq (?) and
the handhelds.org site...

        Here's what I'm asking....

        I have a bit of spare bandwidth. Granted,  not a lot..  A
DS1/T1.  At this point,  I'd love to put up a Familiar (and more
importantly) OPIE/GPE mirror.  Actually,  even when (if?)
handhelds.org comes back online,  I plan on mirroring them.  Just so
this never happens again.   If anyone,  at this point,  has a current
OPIE/GPE mirror,  please contact me.

        - Beave converttheat vistech.net


Re: handhelds.org

Da Beave wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it


Quoted text here. Click to load it

Likewise!  What I can't understand is the almost complete lack of
information.  How difficult can it be to set up a tiny text only web page
on another server (strewth, even a home DSL connection would do) and change
the handhelds.org DNS entry to point at it.  It could say "We are sorry
that handhelds.org is down.  This is due to....  We currently expect to
resume service in X days.  Meanwhile, here are links to some mirrors"

Sorry to seem to moan, but I have just got my iPaq and I need to get the
right GPS software installed before I go on holiday over Christmas.
Normally, I would try to be more relaxed!

Richard Simpson

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