Handhelds for PDA/games

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I'm in the market for a handheld that does the following:

Must have:
1. Good graphics (and visibility)
2. Can run decent chess programs (possibly Palm OS powered?)
3. Decent games support (both statics, like cards, and fast-
   action games) - CPU fast enough
4. Play music (MP3, what else?)
5. No more than $300
6. Reliable ("Virtually" no need for any after-sales support)

Nice to have:
1. PDA functions (but don't care about Powerpoints or emails)
2. Financial calculators (possibly via good 3rd party software)
3. Videos/Photo viewing
4. Prefer under $200

I'm thinking about Zodiac, Sony's PSP and Palms (e.g. Tungsten
E).  Anyone used any of these devices (or any others) that may
offer some advices/insights here?  Note that I'm aware of Tapwave
discontinued Zodiac, but am not sure what it really means to me
(e.g. if it's very reliable, and if there're already lots of good
applications, then this'd be a non-issues.

Any good websites/forums that the users discuss about real troubles
they've?  Also, I'm open to other handhelds.


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