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Hi All,

I was just wondering if anybody knew of a handheld/PDA with a USB port? I
want to connect a GPS/USB mouse to it and use it for in car navigation. Any



Re: Handheld with USB port

On Wed, 26 Oct 2005 11:46:25 +0100, "pfitz"

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Chris De Herrera has a great site for info about Windows CE/Pocket
PC/Windows Mobile. In particular, the chart on Windows Mobile 5 lists
some that have USB Host support:

If you're willing to consider Bluetooth, several more Pocket PCs,
including some older models, are suitable. I just got a Bluetooth GPS
from Teletype that works well with my Axim X50. Sure is nice to need
no wires to connect them. I know several other companies make
Bluetooth GPS receivers. And I'm pretty sure several companies make
Bluetooth mice.

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Re: Handheld with USB port

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Many modern handhelds have USB ports.
What you want is a USB *HOST* functionality.

Googling for "PDA USB HOST" should give you some hits -
Acer N30 (PocketPC) , some newer Sharp Zaurus-es (Linux).

I don't know if the drivers support USB GPS mice, though.
There also are (quite expensive) bluetooth GPS mice.

Re: Handheld with USB port

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To answer things from the Handheld PC end, you're looking at the NECs:  the
MobilePro 880, 900 and 900C all have USB host support.  What's lacking, at
least in the case of the 880, is driver support - I've used USB mice with no
difficulty on my MP 880 (which runs HPC 3, ie. Windows CE 2.11), but I've
had no luck finding USB flash RAM that will work with the third party flash
RAM drivers developed for the 880.  Other users have reported successes with
flash RAM and even external floppy drives, so YMMV - it all depends upon
getting a driver that works well with the peripheral.

The MP 900 is running Handheld PC 2000, which I understand there have been
some success with getting Pocket PC apps to run on, while the 900C runs CE
..NET 4.2 - in either case, I'd check to see if anyone's had success with
getting GPS to work through one of these devices.  Things are pretty slow in
microsoft.public.handheldpc these days, so you might want to stop in over at
http://www.hpcfactor.com and post in their forums, to see if any MobilePro
users have tried this successfully or not.

--Jason Donahue

Re: Handheld with USB port

pfitz wrote:
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Another option you could consider is a CF to USB adapter. This'd allow
you to put a USB port/connection thats usable onto an older
PDA/Handheld. Though I've no idea how well this might workk or what
various software support might be like.

I may end up thinking about this myself as I'm awaiting the arrival of a
second-hand Sharp Zaurus Sl-5500.


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