Geoworks OS/90, CUA. OpenLook, PM: Here are the first pictures!

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Hello from Freiburg, Germany!

I am a member at and we have actually a very
interesting theme:

We are searching for the BETA of GeoWorks Ensemble and GeoDos.
It has the version number 0.9 and have had some different GUI.

I have collected many detailed informations and bought also the
COMPUTE magazine from October 1990 over eBay USA. So we have now an
fine article and some nice pictures, also one, which shows the Motif
GUI beneath the CUA GUI!

I also have tested PM.GEO, the Presentation Manager GUI from the
Geoworks 2.0 SDK CD!
Maybe in some days we will got some pictures from BYTE magazine
1990 with a picture of OpenLook GUI.

Here all infos and pictures: =...

Gene Anderson have told us some nice facts in 2000 in the
comp.os.geos.misc Usenet

But we have not found any other GUI in real!!!

Who can help us? We are searching for the real:

- OS/90 GW 0.9
- OL.GEO (OpenLook)
- Deskmate.GEO (Tandy/RadioShack)

Thanks for any help and support in this important case!

Manfred Elsaesser, EPA Press Agency Freiburg, Germany

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