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Nintendo announced Gameboy Micro.  holy shit.  it's a  ultra small GBA.

oh and here are more Revolution details

 Nintendo's Press Conference has begun, and here's the first shots of the
Nintendo Revolution (yes, it's official title). It's tiny! Has a super-cool
glowing DVD slot and a sleek shiny finish, and actually resembles a
Zip-Drive or a Cable Modem somewhat.
Read on for the official details!

Each generation of video game consoles builds on the past to set new
standards for the future. As the company with the strongest heritage of
innovation, Nintendo redefines expectations for all next-gen systems by
employing a wide-ranging strategy to attract more kinds of gamers to more
kinds of games. When Nintendo's new console, code-named Revolution, arrives
in 2006, everyone will discover the meaning of All-Access Gaming.

"We will show the world what a next-gen system can be. Revolution marries
the strongest heritage of innovation to the future of gaming," says Nintendo
President Satoru Iwata. "With backward compatibility and the 'virtual
console' concept, the stylish, compact body provides maximum gaming power.
It will not only take home entertainment into another dimension by expanding
the definition of video games, but it also will give you access to the great
history of gaming."

Some of the system features that wowed the crowd at the Electronics
Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles include:

  a.. The cool look: The new console boasts high-quality materials and a
smart, compact design, approximately the size of three standard DVD cases
stacked together. A variety of prototype colors are being showcased during
E3. It will come with a silver stand that makes the system a welcome,
artistic component of any multimedia setup, whether it's displayed
vertically or horizontally.

  b.. Backward compatibility: The new console plays all games from the
current Nintendo GameCube(TM) generation. But there's more ...

  c.. The secret weapon: The console also will have downloadable access to
20 years of fan-favorite titles originally released for Nintendo(R) 64, the
Super Nintendo Entertainment System(R) (SNES) and even the Nintendo
Entertainment System(R) (NES).

  d.. Easy expansion: A bay for an SD memory card will let players expand
the internal flash memory.

  e.. Two disc formats, one slot: Instead of a tray, a single, innovative,
self-loading media bay will play both 12-centimeter optical discs used for
the new system as well as Nintendo GameCube discs. Owners will have the
option of equipping a small, self-contained attachment to play movies and
other DVD content.

  f.. The specs: The system boasts 512 megabytes of internal flash memory,
wireless controllers, two USB 2.0 ports and built-in Wi-Fi access. A
worldwide network of Nintendo players can gather to compete in a
comfortable, inviting environment. Revolution's technological heart, a
processing chip developed with IBM and code-named "Broadway," and a graphics
chip set from ATI code-named "Hollywood," will deliver game experiences not
previously possible.

  g.. The stars: Introduction of a number of new franchise properties will
add to the world's richest stable of stars, including Mario, Zelda, Super
Smash Bros., Donkey Kong and Metroid.

  h.. Wireless freedom: A number of Wi-Fi-enabled launch titles are in
development that will employ Nintendo's newly announced wireless gaming
service, Nintendo(R) Wi-Fi Connection. A worldwide network of Nintendo
players can gather to compete in a comfortable, inviting environment.

  i.. Freedom of design: A dynamic development architecture equally
accommodates both big-budget, high-profile game "masterpieces" as well as
indie games conceived by individual developers equipped with only a big
"Our next console proves small in size but big on ideas," says Reggie
Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of sales &
marketing. "We're throwing open the doors of gaming to wider audiences, from
casual players to hard-core gamers who live for the thrill of defeating an
endless army of wireless opponents."

Nintendo's All-Access Gaming philosophy covers the spectrum. The next
console fits anywhere. It brings together new games and old. It gives people
worldwide access through wireless Wi-Fi connections. And it opens the world
of video games -- to everyone. Software for the new console will even
attract people who don't consider themselves players. Adults, kids, men and
women around the world will have access to the most popular video game
characters, the best game franchises and the most engaging experiences yet
developed -- only with Nintendo.

Check back for updates as more information is released.


That was so long....I didn't even read it.


PSX3 wrote:
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Yes. Found a pic if anyone is struggling to find one:



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Do not hold Gameboy Micro near nose or mouth.
Do not inhale sharply while using Gameboy Micro.
If you should accidentally inhale Gameboy Micro call an emergency
  medical service immediately. Do not contact Nintendo Customer
  Support unless Gameboy Micro ceases to function as a result of


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It's fecking huge! :)

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Sir Chewbury Gubbins wrote:
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lol :)

IMO, they should just put a less reflective screen on the GBA SP, or a
better backlight. That'd do me nicely - it's perfect as it is. Oh, And a
headphone socket.



Paul Dunn wrote:

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The Micro has all them things :)

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deKay wrote:
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But doesn't have the form factor, and has a smaller screen?

Nah, doesn't do owt for me :)


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