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I have an A: drive (PCMCIA card) in my HP200LX and would like to format it.
When I try however I get a message saying "not enough memory".  Is there any way
around this?

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I'm not familiar with your particular machine, but looking at the specs
it should have more than enough memory to do anything DOS wants ans long
as there isn't too much running in the background. I assume you've got
the standard DOS 5?

What size is the "PCMCIA Card" that you're trying to format? DOS can't
partition a drive larger than 4GB, or format a partition over 2GB.

Have you tried to run FDISK to partition the drive first?

There's no chance that you've got the PCMCIA drive mixed up with a RAM

In case there is a memory problem, perhaps check that EMM386 or another
memory manager is running. The command EMM386 should give you the memory
status if it is loaded.

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Re: Format A:

Deuxdad wrote:
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Sounds like you may be trying to run FORMAT from a DOS shell within
System Manager.  Either exit System Manager so that the DOS shell and
FORMAT have more memory available, or try using the Filer's
Options->Format Card menu item.

-Frank McConnell

Re: Format A:

On 4/11/2015 7:22 AM, Deuxdad wrote:
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blast from the past...
Don't remember having that problem.

can you format it in a laptop?

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