Fingernail or stylus?

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Has anyone ever heard of any permanent damage occurring to a touch-screen
device by using a fingernail instead of the stylus?
I have a Palm Tungsten T5 but I've also just got a Motorola A1000, and it
would be much easier to not have to use the stylus.
I know screens can be recalibrated but I was wondering if any permanent
damage could arise over time?
This is probably a daft question, but I was curious :-)


Re: Fingernail or stylus?

Paul Schofield wrote:

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It would probably be fine, but I would use a screen protector sheet anyway. The
advantage of using screen protector sheets is twofold:

They protect the screen from scratches (of course!).

They improve the feel of the screen. The plastic film of the screen protector
provides a little more friction between a stylus and the screen, more like a pen
or pencil on paper.

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Phil Frisbie, Jr.
Hawk Software

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