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      "According to our sources, Final Fantasy 3 for the DS will put less
focus on the characters' health points and more on their defense meter. When
your character strikes a monster, its defense meter drops and the monster
executes a blocking animation. Completely deplete the enemy's defenses and
your character will attack directly at the monster's health points. This new
innovative concept could bring up new strategies and abilities as well as
the turned-based battles looking more realistic. Final Fantasy 3 currently
has no solid release date as of yet."

Re: Final Fantasy III DS - First Info!

xenon wrote:
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So two meters perform the same essential function as a single meter?
Sounds revolutionary.

Jonathan McArthur
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Re: Final Fantasy III DS - First Info!

On Wed, 06 Jul 2005 11:38:33 +1200, Jonathan McArthur

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The only way I could see this being interesting is if it's like space
sims where some attacks do more damage to the shields than to the hull
and vice versa.  I don't know why they're adding this to a 15-year-old
game, though.  And how this could be considered "more realistic" is
beyond me.



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