DOC editor for Windows?

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I got a new Palm Zire just this week, so I don't know much about it
yet. I want to edit articles larger than the 4 Kb memopad allow. And I
want to write/edit them on both the Palm and the PC (windows).

I have downloaded OnboardC suite, and here is an editor that use a
format called DOC. So, if I could get an editor for windows that could
save in that format, it would be just perfect. Any suggestions? Are
there any good freeware editors? I don't mind pay 20$ to get a good
and stable editor, but If I can get something for free, that's
ofcourse better.

Also, I have read in the the help file to Palm Desktop that:

"With PalmŪ Desktop software, you can install other applications
individually and add new functionality to the Palm Desktop software.
For example, you might install an application that lets you record and
track your expenses for various trips. Buttons for any application
installed on Palm Desktop software appear on the Launch bar."

Where can I find such applications? Can I add a DOC editor that way?


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