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I recently purchased a Dell X51v (Windows Mobile 5.0). It is supposed to
have 256mb ROM and 64mb of RAM. Why does the system only report it as having
195.01mb of ROM and 49.47mb RAM?

Under - Settings - Memory - the system reports:

Storage                                    Program
Total: 195.01 MB                    Total: 49.47 MB
In use: 11.73 MB                     In use: 23.93 MB
Free: 183 MB                          Free: 25.55 MB

Does it REALLY have 256 MB of ROM and 65 MB of RAM? I am very new to the
PocketPC world.

Thanks in advance


Re: Dell x51v

havn't really educated myself on the details wm5 memory division, but,
would assume that the 195meg is what's left after the wm5 os (which also
resides in rom) is installed.

Memory use has radically changed with wm5.

Beverly Howard [MS MVP-Mobile Devices]

Re: Dell x51v


This is about normal.  On the ROM you have to account for the OS itself as
well as some applications that Dell have included in the ROM such as
Switcher, Bluetooth Manager, Dell WiFi, etc.

As for the RAM, it is similar to the ROM above.  There are several things
that fire up when you turn on the system such as the Dell WiFi, Bluetooth
Manager, POOM and other things related to the OS.

Simply put, it is just like your PC now on Windows Mobile Devices.  You
don't really have 200GB in hard drive space now when you put the OS on it
and you don't really have 1GB of RAM available to you when you turn the
thing on with everything that fires up.


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Re: Dell x51v

I think what is confusing though is my PC says I have a 200G hard drive and
shows me how much is already taken up by the OEM when I first fire it up.
Same with memory, It says I have 1G, but notes how much is already used up
by whatever is using it. That's how WM2003 reported it. I had 64M of RAM
displayed, divided up, and parts of each had used and free numbers.

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