Dell Axim x51v Questions

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I have a few probably simple questions relating to the Dell Axim x51v
running Windows Mobile 5.0

1. When I download mp3 files directly from the web (not via Activesync)

to my Axim, they go to My Documents underneath all the existing folders

(each file practically forming a folder by itself). They do not go to
My Music folder or to Windows Media Library and consequently they are
difficult to sort by artist, album, ...etc, or be assigned to
playlists, and have to be played manually one file at a time. Tapping
on the file's name gives you the option of renaming it but not of
moving it. Is there a way around this?

2. New categories can be created and assigned to contacts,
appointments, or tasks, but is there a way to delete those new
categories or edit them if one decides that a new description is

3. When a picture is assigned to a contact, it seems that one has the
option of changing the picture, but not of disposing of a picture for
that contact altogether, or am I mistaken?

4. Finally, the solid green light that should show when the device is
on does not show any longer. I get the amber light when the device is
charging and the solid green light when the battery is fully charged,
but once I disconnect the device from the external power outlet, the
light disappears.

I would appreciate your help immensely.

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