Dell Axim X50v vs. Life Drive

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Am comparing to the PalmOne LIfeDrive, anyone have any input. Am leaning
toward the Windows format, as I am more familiar with it.

Re: Dell Axim X50v vs. Life Drive

Mousetater wrote:
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No, you are not more familiar with Windows Mobile, unless you've been
working with it on a PPC specifically.  It is not Windows; it has only a
superficial resemblance to the computer OS.  Underneath the Start menu
is a completely different system than the desktop OS.  It shares only
the word "windows" with the computer OS.

Having used recent Windows Mobile and Palm operating systems and
devices, both have their strengths and weaknesses.  Palm apps are more
user-friendly, there are more of them and they are more refined than WM
apps. WM has better memory management. WM is trying to be an office
device using Outlook as its PIM conduit.  Personaly, I dislike Outlook.
The Palm Desktop works better.

WM apps for the enhanced Quarter VGA on the X50v are sparse; apps for
other QVGA WM devices will function but are not optimized for enhanced
QVGA display and are visually unacceptable.  Note that the Axim can
support true VGA, but the OS is not designed to support true VGA and
there is no indication that WM 2005 will be any different. There are no
(few?) true VGA apps for the X50v.  What this means to the user is that
true VGA is accomplished using system hacks by simply increasing
resolution/decreasing object size that makes stylus operation impossible
since objects become of the same size as the tip of the stylus.  The
LD's half VGA is clearly superior.

The Palm is more web-centric (direct wifi, not via tethered conduits)
than the PPC which has some catching up to do for directly-connected
web, email, usenet apps.  The Palm web apps are simply better, but
neither platform has "excellent" web support.

Both the X50v and Lifedrive have similar battery life: abysmal; although
the Axim has a removeable battery and a spare battery charger in the
cradle.  The stock Axim battery is too small at 1100mah.  The LD should
have been designed with a removeable battery.

FWIW, I've returned an X50v to Dell as unacceptable for productive use.
I've returned a LifeDrive for too many "teething" problems that Palm
should have fixed before releasing the device and the application
loading lag (which is now largely fixed with a system hack).


Re: Dell Axim X50v vs. Life Drive

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[snip very clear explanation]

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Thanks for the details. I just ordered a Dell x50v. You have compelled
me reconsider my purchase.

One thing, though . . . did you finally choose a PDA or abandon the idea
of using one productively? If so, would you please share with the group
which one you chose and a few reasons why?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Dell Axim X50v vs. Life Drive

Dingley Mellowcreme wrote:
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Good question.  I have decided to let the PDA market make my choice, if
any.  I want a portable wireless web device with a decent set of VGA
applications and PIM functions if possible.  I might have a long wait.
The newly announced Nokia handheld might offer some hope.


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