Dell Axim X3 cold reboot?

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Hello everyone!

Hoping someone has enough experience with the guts of the unit in the
subj. to help me out.

I have this handheld that got stuck on the "screen alignment" screen (the
one where you are being prompted to tap the cross in the center to begin).
It feels like it needs a good cold reboot because pushing the reboot
button does not help - gets right back that same screen. Pulling the main
battery out also does not help - same effect. I remember back in the day I
had to do something like that to my old Compaq handheld. I had to pull the
backup battery as well as the main battery out of the unit so it
really-really gets back to factory defaults.

So, the question is: where is the backup battery in Dell Axim X3? Searched
all over - there is no obvious access cover or anything like that.

Am I completely out of luck?

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