Customizing the Nokia N800 (and 770) or how to personalize the device

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A while ago I was asked if it would be possible to "brand" and
completely re-configure the Nokia 770 and The N800 Internet tablet for
a specific company with a specific set of applications. It took a
while and a LOT of digging and trying since almost nothing is
documented , but I got it finally done. I decided to write a how-to
about it for everyone and necessary files and samples for BOTH devices
are included as is details of what specific files do, how they are
organized and how to make your own one-click install package.
The fact that the OS is pretty much pure Linux (Debian) made this a
good exercise as I can share the information freely and I think that
if your management is thinking of getting "mobile", which a lot are
nowadays, this ia good convincing point as you can totally brand the
devices and really tailor them to suit your needs. The rollout could,
for example, include a VPN client and allow secure access to your

Thoughts, questions or constructive criticisms, of course, are

The Article can be found here: /

And a PDF (created with :))  is available for download if you
prefer reading offline.



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