Copy files without GUI?

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During a cold boot, I would like to copy some files automatically from
the storage card to a directory under "Program Files". I'm using an
Intermec 700 Mono running Pocket PC version 3.0.

Is there a built-in utility (that will accept parameters... i.e.
from/to location) that will copy files? I found a program called
"copyfile.exe" in the Windows directory, but I don't know how to use
it.  I have a "kludge" workaround in place now, where I have the user
put the unit in a network connected cradle and use an FTP client to
copy the files, but a more elegant solution would simply copy the
files as the last step of a cold boot process.  Anyone have any ideas?

BTW, I'm not a PC programmer so "write something in C+ (or whatever)
is not an option.  I *am* a programmer on IBM midrange systems and am
trying to make something work on this handheld unit for an old client
of mine.  Copying those last few files would complete the puzzle.  I'm
really surprised that I can't seem to find *something* in the way of a
script or command that will copy a file under this OS!

Re: Copy files without GUI?

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So there is no method (built-in utility, etc.) to copy a file from one
place to another in this OS???????

Re: Copy files without GUI?

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None that I know about. Pocket PC is _heavily_ biased towards GUI, so
command line utilities are very rare. I'm pretty sure the only place
they might be would be in the \Windows directory, so you could try
looking for executables in there. If you do, you should probably use
ActiveSync->Explore on your "desktop" (other end of connection) so you
can see extensions (and thus recognize executables).

Someone may well have written such a utility and made it available. So
you could look on

You might also ask about such a utility in the pocket pc newsgroup:

I sure sympathize with your wish to avoid writing a program.
Programming for Windows is significantly different from programming
for IBM midrange systems. And programming for Pocket PCs is even more
different. Maybe not so much in the actual functions, but definitely
in the details of using the IDEs, connecting the device, etc. This
project would be about as simple as any could be.

I've never used NS Basic or Pocket C, but _think_ one of them would
let you develop on the device, and think that would help. For more
info, see:

Good luck.
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Re: Copy files without GUI?

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Thanks for the info.  I'll try posting over at


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