Clie T615C battery help.

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Hello ALL:

My wife's Clie T615C had a bad battery, and Sony sold us a new one. I
installed it last night but can not get the ribbon cable back in. It is
very loose. When the cable comes out, is there supposed to be a
connector attached? Ours just came out of the connector on the
motherboard and we just have the flatcable left to push back
connector on the end of the flat cable. It is so loose that the charger
will not work and the buttons will not either. The Clie works, but as
soon as this new battery runs down, that is it!

What did I do wrong and can it be fixed by me?  


Re: Clie T615C battery help.

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I do not know about the Clie T615c, but if it is just a normal ribbon cable
connector then those types of connectors on the motherboard usually have a
top bit that can pull up and push down. When the outside of the connector is
pulled up this allows ribbon cables to be inserted and removed. When the
outside is pushed down (towards the board) this locks the ribbon cable in
place. As I said I do not know about the Clie T615c but it may be worth a

Re: Clie T615C battery help.

Yes, we found that out. Thank you for the reply. I went back and fixed
it. Works fine now. I just did not want to break it, but knew it was
too loose. I pushed harder and it locked!

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