Clie SL10/U Battery Backup no more, what to do? Pix inside What the heck are these?

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I bought a used Sony Clie PEG SL10/U PDA.
Runs off two AAA batteries and loses all memory the instant you
remove the batteries.
A bunch of people have reported the problem, but I've found
no solutions.  So, I took it apart, expecting to find a
super capacitor...cause they say you have a minute to change batteries.
Unless it's a cumulative discharge from a non-rechargeable
battery and they just don't want you
to know it's a time bomb.
Here's the inside:

There are four things that look very much like watch batteries
soldered to the board.  If you put 1.5V across them, you get
about 30 ma that decays sorta exponentially to near zero in a minute
or to.  I tried charging them all up, but the first one is dead
by the time I get the last one done.  They don't appear to be
connected in series.

Suggestions/experiences fxing this?

I could use a memory stick and just back it up, but I don't have one
and won't invest that much in a solution.
I have a spot welder.  If they're really watch batteries, I could
replace 'em, but that's expensive too.
It's not worth much fixed. I'm just bugged that it's broke and wanna
fix it for cheap.

Thanks, mike

Re: Clie SL10/U Battery Backup no more, what to do? Pix inside What the heck are these?

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I replaced the backup cap in my old Palm m105 some years back. That fixed the
memory loss at battery change problem but was tricky fitting it inside the case.
Search back in the Palm newsgroups for the details if you're interested. The cap
may be different in your SL10 though.

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Too bad. I didn't realize those memory sticks cost so much. In my Palm m125
which also has the memory problem (all my AAA Palms do) I simply use a free
backup program called RFBackup (google to find) on my SD card. 520M SD cards are
cheap (US$20 or less). It takes just a few minutes to restore after a battery

But really, if you plan your battery changes to be near a computer you can just
hotsync before and after the battery change to restore the unit, no software or
hardware needed.

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In the Palms its a small large value capacitor that looks like a watch battery.
Probably the same in the Sony. They dry out after a time and fail. Palm did a
PDA replacement program for those with this problem awhile back, but I never did
it. The old Palms weren't worth the hassle. *All* my old AAA powered Palms have
now failed so I guess that's pretty universal. I still use my m125 on long trips
to avoid taking the wall wart so the RFBackup software solution is my
favorite... ;)

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