Cassiopeia A-11 - manual or any other info?

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Yesterday I rescued a Cassiopeia A-11 from a skip! It seems to be
intact, and I managed to get it to boot up by wiring a 3V supply to
the battery pack connectors.

However, I don't know anything about it, and Casio don't seem to have
any manuals for it on their site now (ok I suppose it is a bit old
now...). Would some kind soul be able to email me a PDF of the manual
if they happen to have a copy?

Also, I assume the proper way to connect it to a power supply is
through some special cable using that funny connector on the side?

If anyone reading this in the UK has any accessories for this model
that they'd like to sell, please email me!



Re: Cassiopeia A-11 - manual or any other info?

Chris De Herrera's site is a very good source of info, although maybe
not for the type of detail you want. The following may help at least a

Also, I just used google
( ) to look up
casio a-11
and got 2240 hits. The first few look at least relevant, so you have
at least a chance of finding useful info among the 2240.

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Re: Cassiopeia A-11 - manual or any other info?

While I don't have any pointers to the manuals themselves, you can find
some information at my site:

Your Casio A-11 was also sold as the Compaq C-140.  Both were available
with half the RAM as the A-10 and C-120, respectively.  By searching on
all four versions you're more likely to find the documentation.

The ROM is on a small board that allows upgrades.  Yours may be running
Windows CE 1.0 or 2.0, depending on that board.  That will also affect
which manual you will want.

Best to you - my old C-120 is still chugging along...

Jim Horn, WB9SYN/6

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