Cant access my website from mobile phone

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I have registred a domain name through Yahoo, and forwarded that URL
to the IP address of my machine at home.
I can access the URL using a desktop or a laptop (from my workstation
in the office or from another machine in the home network)
But when I access the same URL through my mobile phone the request
times out.
My mobile phone can access other websites though (google, yahoo, msn
I checked the access log of Apache server and found that when I access
from my phone no request is reaching the server.
Please let me know what I am missing.

Phone : Nokia 6600 / TMobile / Tzones for mobile web access
Web server : Apache running on Linux
ISP : Comcast High Speed.


Re: Cant access my website from mobile phone (Gen) wrote in message

First off, is your page written in HTML or WML. If it is written in
HTML, does your mobile browser support HTML. If not, time to learn
WML. If you have written it in WML, then have you modified your
registry so your web server knows what to do with the WML pages. It is
just two or three keys that need to be added, I believe it is the same
for all web servers, but I don't have access to it at the moment.
Respond that you need it, or e-mail me and I will forward it to you.

Failing that, get a WAP emulator and try and access the page using it.
Most WAP emulators will provide you with a reasonably detailed error
description. Even though I had a WAP phone when I started writing WAP
pages 4 years ago, I tested my code using the emulator for that reason

Good luck


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