blackberry 8700g - general questions about blackberry - email notification and chat rooms ...

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I'm considering this phone. Currently have Motorola A630 which I think
is a great phone with great internet and text capabilities. And I've
used the Sidekick.

With the blackberrys..

1. Is it possible to be alerted you have an email without actually
displaying your email address, the recipient or message clearly on the
phone. Say I should leave the phone laying around and don't want my
emails to be visible.. does it have a lock feature to secure it in
these cases, without stopping a non-informational alert

2. Can the phones do the standard internet chat groups with  mulitple
participant chatting the same time like Yahoo, MSN, ICQ?. I know it can
do one on  one IMs.. Thesidekick I had supported AOL chat rooms, but I
never got Yahoo chat rooms to work.. also think those rooms where not
the standard online rooms.


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