Best non-phone WiFi PDA?

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A friend and I are looking for a PDA with WiFi capability, but we
don't want smart phones. I've looked at the specs for the Palm TX and
it looks okay, but I found a review that complained about shoddy
hardware. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

Re: Best non-phone WiFi PDA? wrote:
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pocketpc newsgroup is probably a better place for this question.
Depending on why you want wifi...
If you intend to do anything useful on the web, get the highest screen
resolution you can afford.  Doesn't matter how rugged it is if it won't
do the job.
I like my Dell Axim X51v 480x640. Problem is that they quit making them
and prices went astronomical over night.

I was UNABLE to do anything useful, web wise, on a 240x320 pda.
As I recall, the TX is twice that...but I'd still go for 480x640.

Now, if you really did mean handheld, there are some nice old HP
clamshell handhelds with 640x200 or 640x240 displays.  Much better for
web surfing.  Problem with them is that they're SLOW!!!!
And the mechanical arrangement is ill suited to plug in anything other
than a PCMCIA wifi card.

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Re: Best non-phone WiFi PDA?

On 30 Jun., 02:05, wrote:
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One of the best PDAs I know is still the Sharp Zaurus (with external
WiFi CF card, e.g. an Ambicom 1100C). It is robust hardware, has a
brilliant 640x480 display plus a QWERTY keyboard, so it is more an
"=DCber-Ultra-Mobile-PC" than a PDA. And you get tons of Linux software
for it (e.g. Firefox) and you can even tweak everything and install

-- hns

Re: Best non-phone WiFi PDA?

On Sat, 30 Jun 2007 00:05:06 -0000, wrote:

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"Best" depends very much on your needs/wants, so no one can really
answer your question unless you provide more info. Do you want to surf
the web, listen to music, use it to keep your calendar, or ...? How
important are size and weight? How important is battery life? Are you
likely to be careful with it, or do you need something rugged and/or
waterproof? How much money are you willing to pay?

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