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So, I haven't looked at these things in years and am way overwhelmed by
the handheld market.  Basically looking for the best bang for the buck
for around $400 (less is better, could go more if it's worth it).

I decided against waiting for the samsung i730.  It looks like the
perfect phone/pda, but I don't want to spend that much and based on
what my phone goes through, I'd likely destroy it quickly.

Right now I'm leaning towards the iPAQ h4350.  I haven't yet had a
device with thumb pad.  the graffiti seems much better than it was in
the palm III days to say the least (my last pda), so maybe this isn't
necessary?  For those of you who browse the web via handheld, is
graffiti ok, or would a thumbpad be better?  Is it all personal

Here's what I'd like out of it:

decent screen (doesn't have to be top of line)
decent battery life
ability to run standard apps
         various other odds and ends
SD drive preferable

Since I've been away from the products for so long, there may be other
stuff i want to do with it and i just don't know it exists.  all that
to say, I don't want to be limited, but don't want to pay for the
newest and greatest.  I'll be going back to school this fall, so don't
have a huge business need.

Any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated.  Ipaq/dell/?  which model to
consider, best bang for the buck etc.


Re: Best bang for buck

I've got an Asus MyPal a716 with extra battery for sale.  $200 US plus
shipping/ins.  WiFi and Bluetooth, tough, light, nice screen, SD, etc.  Used
4 months with screen protector.  All manuals, cables and original packaging.


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