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We want to be able to synchronize contacts, appointments etc
made in our Outlooks to our Blackberries without having to
connect to a PC. So if a secretary makes an entry in someone's
Outlook it will be automatically synched to that person's Blackberry.
From what I understand we need BES 4.0 for Exchange to accomplish this.

Right now we have a single Windows 2003 server which is also Exchange 2003
server, DNS server, file server and backup server.

My questions are as follows:
1. In the setup guide it states that SQL server needs to be installed on the
BES itself.
   I understand that I don't actually need to install SQL server and that
the setup will isntall
   it's own basic SQL server program. Is that correct?
2. It's a very decent server with 1 GB of RAM and mirrored drives but I'm
still concerned that
   it may not be able to handle all of this. How resource intensive is the
BES? We will have maybe a
  dozen of people using it (BES) at any one time.
3. I still don't fully understand how BES is supposed to work. I will
install it on the same
   machine as Exchange server and it will work with Exchange to somehow
relay the information to the outside
   of our network to the T-Mobile/Cingular etc? and from there to the
blackberries? Wouldn't that
   be pretty much how it all works now? A Blackberry connects to T-Mobile
mail server which is in turn
   configured to get mail messages from the accounts that I specify (located
on our mail server?)
4. In the install manual it says that Outlook  must be uninstalled on BES.
Is that a critical requirement?
    What are the consequences of keeping Outlook on the server.

Thank you all very much


These are questions you should be asking Blackberry's pre-sales team.

Another alternative is

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