Axim X50, anybody ?

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The screen on my iPaq 2215 just broke, without any reason I can think
of. There's  a long crack going across the screen, under the glass.
That's right, UNDER the glass - the LCD is broken but not the touchpad.
I did a Google and found this to be a rather common problem. The damn
thing was just a year old !

So, given that iPaqs continue to have screen problems (first 36xx and
now 2215), I am now looking at Axim X50 (the low-end model without
WiFi). It's about $250 at Dell, with free shipping till Wednesday. The
screen repair for iPaq would cost me $200. My concern is the battery
life and speed performance of Dell, since I heard neither is too great.
I mainly use mine for PIM, notetaking, and occasional MO3 playback. Any
comments will be appreciated.

Re: Axim X50, anybody ?

I have the Axim 50v the battery is good.  I bought the high capacity battery
for about 40.00 I can use it all day with out charging.  The speed is great.

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Re: Axim X50, anybody ?

Gallon Family wrote:
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How is the standard battery performance ?
One good thing about 2215, it would last a whole day without getting
below 33%. Sometimes I went through two days of work between recharges.

Also, you have a 50v model - does it use more battery than low-range
model ?

Re: Axim X50, anybody ?

Amamba wrote:
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I have a 50v model and it does use more battery because of wifi
functionality. When wifi is turned off and two days of work is enough
for you, then the standard battery should be OK for you.


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