Are the smooth keys on a Blackberry 8310 a problem? (compared to ridged keys of a 8810)

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I am thinking of buying a BB 8310.

But I notice that they key son the 8310 are *smooth*, whereas the keys
on the 8810 have *ridges* - is the smoothness a problem?

Without ever having owned a Blackberry I can't decide on the
- Are these ridges important or not?

I mean, I presume typing is done by using both your thumbs, but is it
done more by touch or by position? If by touch, then I would imagine
that the ridges are pretty important!

- any thoughts?

With thanks

Shiperton Henteh

P.S. The only reason that I havent bought my 8310 yet is because I'm
not on the Electoral Role' voters register yet - (even though I filled
in all the paperwork weeks and weeks ago) - and Vodaphone UK wont take
me on as a result, because I fail the credit checking! :^[

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