ANN: ZMacSync 2.0b2 - Sync Apple Tiger with Sharp Zaurus

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Dear all,

if you have not yet recognized: there is a new beta (2.0b2):

What's new:
* restriction to dotted IP address removed, so you can now set the IP
address to e.g. ""
* fixed a bug with unmounting. If there was a .DS Store file, it did
result in final message "Failed"
* fixed a bug with weekly recurrence that made the Zaurus Calendar hang
* Manual updated
* AJZaurusUSB-0.3.1 included
* "Me" record now sets the Owner Information... on the Zaurus
* fixed a bug in handling of primary email address

Please note that it is still not a full bidirectional sync but just a
copy from the Mac to the Zaurus (but that works almost perfectly now).

-- hns

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