ANN: QuantumSTEP Zaurus-Edition DR6 Available (build 78)

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Dear all Sharp Zaurus and Mac addicts still waiting for a real MacPDA
or iPhone,

I am happy to announce a new Developer Beta of QuantumSTEP for the
Sharp Zaurus.

QuantumSTEP is an Application and GUI framework based on GNUstep and
Objective-C and extended, optimized for use in handheld devices
(currently for the Sharp Zaurus platfom). Therefore, it has an API that
is compatible with MacOS X Tiger and Cocoa.

Application software can be easily developed and cross-compiled with
Apple Xcode and Interface Builder. QuantumSTEP includes a full set of
PIM applications (address book, calendar, phone dialler, navigation
tool, mail manager, image viewer, Web browser etc.) that aim at being
compatible to MacOS X in operation philosophy and data structures.

What is new in this version DR6:
* uses X/Qt as the X11 server (making it much easier and more robust to
install - and faster)
* many bugs fixed and classes/methods added to the mySTEP libraries.
* made more features working / less bugs in the PIM applications (some
of them reaching a level of first real useability)
* SQLite3 included
* should run on all Zaurus models where X/Qt runs - has been tested on
C860 and C3000

We know that a lot of things are still to improve (e.g. look, speed of
menus, font size, handling of screen rotation), but will work on it.

The GUI-libraries (mySTEP) are licenced using the LGPL and the full
source is available. Our policy is to provide such free Betas to allow
Cocoa developers to get used to the platform, give feedback and join
the efforts.

To download the latest release and get more information:

We would be happy about feedback and suggestions. If you don't own a
Zaurus (yet) but a Mac with MacOS X 10.4, please try the Test Drive
(also on the Downloads page).

H. N. Schaller
Project Manager

Re: ANN: QuantumSTEP Zaurus-Edition DR6 Available (build 78)

Here is a screen shot:

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